All sorts of stuff…

Lots of experimenting with plug-ins. Hopefully this will move me to post something new and deep… check out the auction plug-in via your smart phone… Auctions

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Long long ago

Wow, Its been that long… well with the facebook addiction, children and business things are just tooo busy… hopefully will post something of worth soon… ;)

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Posted from Android…

No more stale site. Good bye old posts … haha ya right… WordPress is now set up on my phone so look out … come on Canada…

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What else would one have when they have had an addition to the family… Hugh’s directory can be found here… sorry I can’t write more we’re just a little sleepy… more from the family later on… (opps sorry some are really big… in size lenght/width and megabytes… its just so the relatives have a good version…)

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Baby Shower!

**** Update: I do believe the RSVP phone number is up and running once again… but if you are still having trouble, please Yipee, Dear Born Baby is almost fully online! Soon enough all of our registry will be accessible via the internet! You can log on to Search for events where you will find a smattering of items that we’ve added in addition to the in store registry, though sadly they will NOT have everything online for another week EEKK, cutting it close I do believe! BUT you can still place an order over the phone OR feel free to find items we’ve listed elsewhere, just notify Dear Born to remove the item from our list ****

Time is flying by and our little ‘golden piglet‘ is due to arrive at the end of September, but if it continues to grow at this rate, Mama is going to have to ask the little one to vacate it’s current real estate sooner rather than later!!!

The baby shower is being hosted by my wonderful Mother in law Donna and two sister in laws, Laura & Brenda at 33 Delisle Ave. The building is just North of St. Clair off Yonge Street on the west side. There are two Green P parking lots, one on Delisle and the other on the east side of Yonge St.

Registry: I must say it is very difficult to figure out what a baby needs your first time around! Though I have to thank my girlfriends for all of their advice on what is actually needed and what is not! Finding baby stores in Toronto was another thing all together – PAINFUL! Thank you Donna for all of the cross town driving searches we went on to find the “right” toys R us and baby stores to register at…

Toys R Us… the standard, it will allow you to purchase online or within any Toys R Us store
Dear Born Baby... a fabulous baby store BUT you have to call to place an order or visit the store in person. I will include a list of items and some pictures for you here. The store is located North of Steels off Yonge Street in Richmond Hill.
Tyrst Lingerie… I have a file with this FABULOUS lingerie store, Shana the owner knows!

Gift certificates are welcome for future items needed for the little one. The first three months baby seems to do very little except use up a lot of diapers! *wink wink* We have limited space for large items that will not be useful until 3 or 6 mths of age. Since we do not know the sex, if you see something super cute and just HAVE to buy it, think of a gift certificate at that store… Christmas will be upon us soon and I’m sure the baby will need one or two cute outfits by then!

I am overjoyed that my mother will be able to make this shower and meet everyone that has played such a large part in my life here in Canada. I can not wait to see everyone – this summer has been so busy, but life in general seems to be for all of us. I cherish the occasions where we can all get together.

With love,
Simone & David
oh and the golden piglet to be!!

Additional Websites:

The Toy Space
Baby Guru
Cheeky Monkey
Li’l Niblets & Sprouts in store, see Mary, she’s fab!
Moms to be… and More on Bayview, close for some… great selection of almost everything!

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What’s the saying…

What’s the saying when your young, time crawls by when your old, it sprints by… and whew… what…. another month has passed and I have to admit… I have been caught by the and the bug… don’t do it.. stay away from those links… haha as if that would stop you, I warn you they are addictive… I’ll admit I’ve received many emails requesting to join up and resisted them all and then all of a sudden even more were showing up in my email box and I had to see what the fuss was about…. The social networking web craze is very interesting… again … hmmmm a lot of hype and many I’m sure will bore with it soon… hopefully the guys that created them will get some money out before the masses find something new and wander off to this new happening spot… there are a few social sites out there, the real scary thing it the amount of personal info the peeps put out there … no wonder theres a spike in identity theft… thats it for now, I promise I will post something for all you bots coming to my site, I do check the logs.
… haahaha… and for you all that keep in touch… although I sense you are posting on my Facebook wall any way… a couple other interesting sites …. Visit my buds site (if your in Canada)… an interesting one… I might just have to have a show… or I’m still wondering how to rotate a pic… if it could do that… thats something worth some coin…

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Ok time to write something…

And the something is quick… had to put this up and if you go to this link Twingly you see why I had to make this quick¬† post… (opps, that link is in German, this guy explains it all ). What a crazy screen saver… have a look… Promise I’ll will try and post more soon… haha

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Wow, Slacking again…

Finally went through the 50+ spam comments, arrgh. If your interested in some form of gambling or online drug delivery I’ll be happy to moderate them. None too original therefore why post..?¬† But that is not an excuse for the delay in our posting here. Thanks FD for the prod. Once again back from travels Peurto Rico this time… more pictures to post and with less time to write… hopefully one of us will keep the fire kindled under the site… more to come in the next few days, I promise… Some interesting stats this past month… 2500 plus hits… I think that’s B opening his browser… just have to get that google ad generator running and the pennys will roll in…

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Parties, parties, parties!

Busy busy these days. Shae’s baby shower, then our Patio Party on Saturday (where LDR & AR surprised me!!! – the tarts were AMAZING!) and this coming Friday I’ve got a wedding! Check out some of the fab shots by clicking on the party you’d like to see – oh and the Waspinator is awesome! maybe it’s just physiological but heck I think it actually works!

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summer in the city

Check out the garden at night… here

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